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For years, ACDelco has been recognised as a world-class leader in the automotive aftermarket. And it’s no surprise, since the brand dates back as far as the turn of the 20th century. Their strong presence in the industry, as well as a commitment to premium quality, has stayed consistent too, helping them build a worldwide reputation as a premium source for experience, dependability, technology and performance.


King Springs is Australia’s leading specialist manufacturer of aftermarket coil springs for world-wide, automotive applications. They lead the way in the design and manufacture of advanced progressive springs with both variable pitch and tapered wire forms. King Springs service all sectors of the automotive market including passenger, commercial and Four Wheel Drive vehicles and various Motorsport categories including circuit, rally, speedway and off-road racing.


Rings / Spigot Rings or Alloy Wheel Hub Centric Rings are designed to fill in the gap between the hub of the car and the centerbore of the wheel. Most wheel manufacturers design their wheels with a centerbore large enough to fit on most cars. Therefore, most wheel fitments have a gap between the hub and the centerbore. We have a range of hub rings that can Improve the fitment and balance of your aftermarket wheels.


Wheel nuts are used to secure the wheel on to your vehicle. Lock nuts can also be used to reduce the likelihood of theft as they require a special adaptor (“key”) between the nut and the wrench to fit and remove. We have a range of wheel nuts and lock nuts to suit most cars.

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